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330ml Apple Non Alcoholic Beer

Model No.: CW000022
Product Name: 330ml Apple Non Alcoholic Beer
Product Origin: Vietnam
Standard: normal
Brand Name: Vinut
PriceTerms: 6.0USD
Supply Ability: 200container/month
Detailed Product Description:

330ml Apple Non Alcoholic Beer

Natural from Vietnam

330ml alu can, 24cans/tray

2377trays/20ft Container

We provide OEM and private label service.

With our 10 years of experience, We can meet your needs in :

  • Providing 100% natural and healthy
  • Developing just the right taste to your market and customers.
  • Quality proof product control. Flexible production capacity with short lead time.
  • Competitive price vs product value.

Non-alcoholic beer with high nutritional value, are good for humans: The quality of silicon in beer is an important component to help strengthen bone minerals, potentially bone regeneration. Folic acid, iron is good for pregnant women. Vitamins (especially vitamin B6) is what helps eliminate the effects of a chemical is related to the increased risk of heart disease [5]. Moreover, non-alcoholic beer may reduce high cholesterol levels, according to results of a new study. The scientists found that along with lowering the risk of fat accumulation in blood vessels of those with high cholesterol levels, non-alcoholic beer also increases the amount of antioxidants in drinkers of blood, which can help protect cardiovascular [6]. Different characteristics of non-alcoholic beer is low alcohol content, do not adversely affect the nervous system and the health of consumers. That is why the non-alcoholic beer and low-alcohol beer is increasingly widely used, particularly in developing countries, where consumers have the material life and high culture. The beers are more suited for women who need alertness, such as those who control the means of transport. In addition, many nutrition experts also must recognize and declare that non-alcoholic beer is great drinks to water mode for the body daily. Consumption of non-alcoholic beer in the world.

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