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Fresh and dried figs (Anjeer) are widely consumed in Mediterranean countries and it is popularly known as ‘the poor man’s food’. Fig fruit and its other parts such as bark, leaves, shoots, latex and seeds are medically important. Figs are an important source of antioxidants and con...
Natural Coconut water from Vietnam
1. Enhancing energy Due to the abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than other drinks, coconut water is a great energy drink. In particular, coconut water contains less sugar and sodium levels less than those of other sports drinks, but more potassium, calcium and chloride help complement ...
The primary use of Chia Seeds
Omega 3: Omega -3 in Chia Seed has 8 times higher than salmon. In particular, the food does not contain cholesterol helps protect the heart. - Calcium: Calcium is contained in grain volume split 5 times higher than milk. - Protein: Chia seeds contain 23% protein, much higher than other grains suc...
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