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Natural Coconut water from Vietnam

1. Enhancing energy Due to the abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than other drinks, coconut water is a great energy drink. In particular, coconut water contains less sugar and sodium levels less than those of other sports drinks, but more potassium, calcium and chloride help complement and enhance energy levels of your body for dark energy priority.

2. Cardiovascular Health According to the researchers, those who have high blood pressure often have low potassium levels. So often drink coconut water can be quite effective in regulating blood pressure due to high concentrations of potassium and lauric acid. Similarly, a number of recent studies have shown that coconut water can help increase HDL (good) cholesterol, and make it a great natural drinks to treat cardiovascular health maintenance.

3. Strengthen your immune system Coconut water is a sterile liquid calorie and fat but rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Several major nutrients in coconut water include lauric acid, Chloride, and iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. In fact, the amount of potassium in coconut water 2 times the amount of potassium in bananas. This helps balance muscle health, heart, nervous system and immune system, as well as absorption and fluid balance within the body.

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